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I don't know how many times I have heard people say, "I'm not creative."  I have always maintained that we are all creative, that creativity is in our bones.  The way we choose to live in any moment is an act of creativity.  I often think of my day as a canvas on which I am going to paint the kind of life I want to live.  Will I create a bright and harmonious design today, or will it be tarnished and muddy in areas?  How do we choose the palette for the day? 

Girl_Painting_640118 For me, choosing the attitude with which I approach the day, a task, or a relationship determines the quality of my creation.  If I let frustration, shame, fear, envy, or anger shape my day, then I am not going to be pleased with the day's painting.  If there are areas of the canvas I don't like, then I have to look at what I can change in order to create the picture I really want.  Are there new skills I need to learn?  Do I need more discipline in my routine?  Is there something I am doing that is always going to be destructive to my sense of well-being?

What does this have to do with stamping?  How we approach our time in the stamp room affects what we create.  Have you ever sat down to stamp when you are tired and cranky and nothing goes right with a project you are working on?  I have, and when that happens, it is time to get up and do something else! 

Screen shot 2011-07-20 at 3.34.37 PM On the other hand, I often find that when I am anxious or wound up, if I sit down and stamp, I can soothe myself very quickly, and that changes my attitude about the rest of the day. 

Creativity and emotion, then, seem very connected.  How about you?  Does stamping soothe you when you are upset, or does being upset get in the way of your creative process?

I will be posting more thoughts and tips about the creativity in the next few weeks.  I hope you will follow these posts, and let me know more about your creative process.  Perhaps we will all learn from each other.

Sage Kimble
aka The Mad Stamper

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