How NOT to Use the Color Spritzer!!!

My dear friend, Jennifer called me this weekend to tell me of her adventure with the Color Spritzer.  Keep in mind we laughed like crazy when she related the story, and she gave me permission to share it with you.  Maybe you'll get a chuckle, too.

She has been wanting a Spritzer ever since I showed it to her a few months ago.  We used it in class last week, and that got her inspired to order one.  Last Friday she finally got it in her hands and could hardly wait to play with it. 

Color Spritzer from Stampin' Up!
When she took it out of the package, she tried to figure out how to open it up so she could fill the bulb with water.  She did manage to get the bulb separated from the nozzle, all the while wondering why it was so difficult!  She added the water, which quickly started leaking out the nozzle. Never mind that she had just used it in the Stamping Madly studio a few days before, with no water in sight!

Then it dawned on her:  The moisture for the "spritz" comes from the Marker itself.  All the water did was make a mess on her table! 

Fortunately, no harm was done.  She let the bulb dry out, put it back together, and used it the way I showed her.  She loves it so much, every card she made this weekend has been well-spritzed. 

I suspect that the major reason for her confusion was because she was stamping in the middle of the night instead of sleeping, and didn't have enough brain cells firing at the time.  Of course, if she had read the June issue of the Stamping Madly Newsletter, or seen the June 24th blog post, she could have watched the video tutorial:  How to Use the Color Spritzer.  You can view the video HERE.

Oops_17967315 How wonderful that Jennifer and I can laugh at our mistakes and foibles instead of beating ourselves up!  When I teach techniques, I must look like I always know what I am doing.  That is an illusion, of course, since I made the blunders off-camera.  Much of what I know comes from making mistakes and then figuring out how to prevent them next time. 

I hope you give yourself the leeway to make plenty of mistakes as you experiment in your craft room, for that will only lead to greater skill and creativity in the long run!! 

Happy Stamping! 

Sage Kimble
aka The Mad Stamper

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