Make Your Dreams Come True Day

Bigstock_Make_Your_Dreams_Come_True_184796 cropped Do you have dreams you wish would come true?  Do those dreams include any of the following?

  • Being your own boss?
  • Earning extra income?
  • Sharing your creativity with others?
  • Learning to be an independent business woman (or man)?

Then there is no better time than today to take action on those dreams, for this is Make Your Dreams Come True Day.  So take a deep breath and take the first step by joining my team.  Become a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

"A dream becomes a reality in 4 stages; dreaming, wanting, planning, and doing. Courage is the glue. If you don’t have courage you will never want it bad enough to plan. If you don’t have courage you will never plan it well enough to do. If you don’t have courage you will never fulfil your dreams. If you do not fulfil your dreams, you may not have the courage to dream again."–Anonymous

So what are you waiting for?  Celebrate yourself and make your dreams come true!  Click Here to learn how, or email me at

Sage Kimble

 Nurturing Creativity, One Stamp at a Time!

Sage Kimble
aka The Mad Stamper

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